You're looking out for your
employees' well-being... so are we

Worksite solutions designed to support those who serve their communities.

Our Mission

Whether you’re serving your community, educating and inspiring our children, or putting others ahead of yourself, we’re proud of the people at the heart of everything we do.

WISE Employee Benefits Solutions provides a high-quality, flexible benefits experience that can help public sector employers to attract, hire and retain great talent. Our customizable employer-paid and voluntary coverage options are bolstered by our turnkey technology, robust reporting capabilities and enrollment support, including one-on-one benefits counseling.

WISE Employee Benefits™ Solutions are offered through Horace Mann (NYSE:HMN), a company with more than 75 years of experience supporting U.S. educators and others who serve their communities.

The benefits you provide are a meaningful way to support and give back to your employees. They can also help employers:

  • Demonstrate that you care about them — not just as an employee — but as a person.
  • Reduce employee stress and improve productivity and engagement, which in turn increases retention.
  • Increase the value of working for your organization.
  • Attract great talent, hire the best, and retain them.
  • Maintain a strong workforce.

Introducing flexible, thoughtful benefits for today’s changing workforce.

WISE Employee Benefits™ Solutions

Employer-paid and voluntary coverage options designed to provide maximum flexibility to customize a benefits program to meet employees’ needs.


We offer a comprehensive suite of employer-paid and voluntary products. Our products are designed to offer choices in coverage levels, features, and costs to customize benefits to the specific needs of your workforce.


Our user-friendly platform can help with much of the heavy lifting for your benefits administration. Our technology comes with an array of communication tools, templates, and delivery channels to increase engagement and maximize enrollment participation.


Our people operate with one purpose— to help your people. We take a unique approach to partnering with you as an employer to help you administer your benefits programs. We bring that same innovation to how we support your employees.